Why chose Caltrix?

CALTRIX Resorbable  Bone Void Filler is to be used for bony void or gaps of the skeletal system (1.e. the extremities, spine, and pelvis) that are not intrinsic to the stability of bone structure.

Why Calcium Sulfate?

Calcium Sulfate (CsSO4) is a highly bio compatible material that has been clinically used in the repair of bone-healing for over a hundred years. A non-inflammatory non-exothermic, non-toxec, non-irritating synthetic material, it has long been proven to be the ideal alternative to autograft and allograft, and its effectiveness has been long established in numerous clinical triats and studies.

  • Unlike Other Calcium salts. Calcium Sulfate resorbs mainly by dissolution rather than osteoclastic resorbtion. This unique reaction undergoes in different biomechanism which makes it function not only as an osteocondective scaffold, but also as a stimulant for bone regeneration.
  • The dissolution of Calcium Sulfate in vivo will release Calcium ions and sulfate anions, lowering the PH of the traums site to acidic, which accounts for tile suppression ot bactirial growth. This property makes it the proper graft material for patients with bony, defects, or osteomyelitis.
  • The acidifying reaction wtll cause the adjecent bone to de-mineralize, causing it to release inductive proteins from the surrounding host bone. Defects implanted with Calcium Sulf.ate maintain a high concentration of growth factors that promote bone regeneration


  • The use of Calcium Sulfate significantly increases angiogenesis during bone regeneration. Microvessel density of Calcium Sulfate-treated sites have been observed to increase by more than 40% when compared to autograft treated sites. The increase in blood vessels provides more oxygen, nutrients and growth factors to the site of the regeneration, thereby improving the recovery process for the patient


Crystalline Engineering:

Our patented proprietary process of crystalline engineering produces a superior form of Calcium Sulfate, resulting in a product that delivers consistent high performance.

Prior to crystallization:

The pellets flake and dust very easily, hence its low dissolution rate after implantation.

After crystallization

The pellets flake and dust very easily, hence its low dissolution rate after implantation.

Clinical Trial

Results from our clinical trial indicates that CALTRIX serves as an excellent promoter for bone growth. 90 days after CALTRIX implantation, it could be observed that bone regeneration is nearly complete.

0 days after CALTRIX implantation


90 days after CALTRIX implantation

The Technology:

Formosa Biomedical Technology Corporation utilizes the latest Material Science Technology to bring a superior product formed by reforming and hydrating Calcium Sulfate semihydrate powder, which is made fro medical grade Calcium Sulfate. The crystal structure of this new Calcium Sulfate pallet, therefore, will last longer when implanted, allowing for a longer dissolving time, which is critical to new bone growth.

Biomechanic Restoration Results:

The biomechanic restoration performance was evaluated by measuring the breaking strength of drilled rabbit femurs after implantation. The new bone restoration rate of CALTRIX-filled group was 91.94% at 5 weeks after implantation, indicating that the use of CALTRIX may significantly accelerate bone healing