Reabsorbable Bone Void Filler

Product Overview:

A-Grix-TE Bone Graft Substitute by Ascend Surgical is a synthetic biomaterial. Combining the bone forming capabilities of our crystallized calcium sulfate Hemihydrate with calcium phosphate has resulted in a composite graft that is delivering where other bone void fillers fall short.

Intra-operative strength:

Approximately 40MP a initial compressive strength (at 2 hours, wet conditions)

Reliable/consisten resorption

50% slower than pure calcium sulfate products (excluding crystallized calcium sulfate hemihydrate)

Composite Formulary Makeup

75% CaSO₄
  • Primary osteoconductive filler
  • Resorbs first primarily through simple dissolution to allow early vascular infiltration
25% CaPO ₄ (brushite & granular TCP)
  • Osteoclastic Resorption
  • Secondary porous scaffold that is resorbed after primary filler
  • TCP granules are resorbed in the third and final phase.