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WELLGRAFT PE I is osteoconductive, which facilitates new bone growth and inhibits non-osteogenic cells growth.  After implementation, it will be totally resorbed and replaced by new bone during the healing process.  The main component of WELLGRAFT PE I is premeasured high purity medical grade Calcium Sulfate.  When mixed with solutions according to the directions, WELLGRAFT PE I forms the biodegradable, biocompatible and radiopaque paste, and can then be digitally applied directly or by injection into the defect site.  Each dosage is for single patient and sterilized by gamma radiation.

WELLGRAFT PE I benefits are:

Dissolving rate is most compatible with bone growth than competitors.  WELLGRAFT PE I can be fully resorbed around 2-3 months, which is more synchronized with most natural growth rate of new bone.

  • Adequate operation time, easy to prepare and place clinically.
  • Vacuum packing for preventing humidity to ensure the quality and safety of the product in different environments.
  • Totally synthetic without bio-source component, eliminates the risks of disease transmission / immune rejections.
  • Radiopaque, which is visible on radiography, makes it easy to monitor the results during surgery and postoperative follow-ups.
  • Multiple indications including most osseous defects, infected cases and pediatrics use.
  • Osteoconductive, resorbable, biocompatible and osteostimulative.

WELLGRAFT PE I is an resorbable bone filler which is osteo conductive which facilitates new bone growth and inhibits non-osteogenic cell growth.




WELLGRAFT PE II is a newly developed crystallized form of calcium sulfate.  It is an osteoconductive scaffold that facilitates new bone growth and inhibits nonosteogenic cell growth (non-bone growth cells).  After implementation, it is completely resorbed and replaced by new bone during the healing process.

WELLGRAFT PE II benefits are:

  • Release of calcium ions and sodium anions creates the optimal pH, allowing osteoblasts to lay down new bone.
  • There is no risk of disease transmission.
  • Radiopacity allows for clear visibility on radiographs and the ability to monitor postoperative bone growth.
  • It is osteostimulative, biocompatible, bioresorbable and osteoconductibe.
  • It can be used in an infected site.
  • It has an extended dissolution period of up to 90 days after implantation.