About us:

Our Mission

At Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC we intend to partner with our customers to improve their clinical skills, practice performance and patient services through the use of advanced medical devices and technology.  We will accomplish this by distributing medical devices, provide specialty procedure accessories and clinical education services for physicians and staff throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

By partnering with our manufacturers, Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC fully supports the development of new technology to extend the use of the products in their respective markets.  We endeavor to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance growth, expansion of our product lines and continued development of high quality customer support systems.



Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC also maintains a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. We hope for and expect each employee and associate to maximize their individual growth and achieve personal goals in part through their association with our company.

Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC is a Texas state limited liability corporation formed in 2009 focusing on the selling and promoting of specialty medical segments including accessories.

Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC distributes technology to the Surgical market, providing training and ancillary accessories. Our distribution channel is predominantly independent sales reps and sub-distributors who use a dedicated marketing, sales management, and administration staff to promote and support the customer and the field sales team.  We will provide clinical education and support activities for new customers in a variety of settings and formats so as to efficiently accommodate the needs of our prospects and customers.

Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC is also responsible for specialized clinical education in its markets, including clinical events, new procedure development and individualized training.  Demonstrating a commitment to expanding clinical utility through on-going procedural development and education will appeal to our installed base as well as win new sales in our markets. Training and implementation of clinical procedures are two key success factors for Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC.

Ascend Surgical Sales, LLC operates at 574 Highland Colony Pkwy, Suite 320-L Ridgeland, MS 39157.  Our sales administration, product, service, and clinical specialists operate in close proximity to each other for rapid problem resolution.  Field sales personnel and management operate from home offices throughout the United State, Canada and Mexico.